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articleheaderThe following are articles that feature or were written by Dr. Scasta. This page also includes articles related to some of the services and solutions provided by Dr. Scasta and his team for TMJ, sleep disorders, and cosmetic and general dentistry issues.

awake sleeper Sleep for many of us is luxury like a delicious, decadent dessert that we can’t get enough of and when we do get it we only want more. But unlike that dessert, not getting enough sleep can actually kill you. News 3’s Nicole Morten talks to local healthcare professionals including Dr. Scasta about these sleep issues. Click for the full story from KBTX-TV


can't sleeperThe Trouble with Snoring – Snoring can be a symptom of a bigger health problem than just a partner’s loss of sleep. Dr. Craig Scasta, DDS answers your questions about snoring and how your dentist can help you and your partner sleep better at night, and feel better in the morning. Click to download the full PDF article from Brazos Wellness magazine